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We build a lot of websites and have been since 2005. Over the years we have seen vast changes in web design and how people interact with businesses online.

Keeping up with the changes is important. On the other hand, we really want to make a solid investment into the most important aspect of your digital marketing, your company website.

Here are 10 reasons why you should invest heavily in your website design:

1. Your website is the center of your digital marketing

Driving traffic to your website is the first step for people to learn more about your business.

2. You'll have it for a number of years

Usually, you can squeeze out 3-4 years from a redesign. If you use Growth-Driven Design principles and constantly make updates you can get even more longevity. If you do the math it becomes relatively inexpensive on a monthly basis.

3. You can use it for marketing and sales

Using Inbound Marketing tactics you can attract, engage, convert, and delight, your users.

4. It's the best way to show in search engines

Just having a Facebook page or Instagram won't really attract customers outside of the platforms.

5. Build your brand

It is a key digital asset to build your brand and grow your business. Most important if you don't have a physical location.

6. Beat the competition

Your competitors may hire a cheap freelancer who builds a lackluster website. When customers compare, you'll stand out from the rest.

7. Facilitate sales

If built properly, your sales people will be able to use the website for guidance when talking to prospects.

8. Helps service customers

We use our website as a tool for servicing existing customer with guides on how to get support. This is the most common missed element in our experience.

9. Experience with the Buyer Journey

Agencies with deep digital marketing experience understand how to engage users online and convert to a lead. A pretty website might look nice but not function correctly.

10. Optimized for search engines

Freelance web designers usually understand a small portion of SEO. An agency has experts in each department so results are much better.

There are many more reasons why you should hire an agency instead of a freelance web designer. It really boils down to what you are paying for. Hiring a team of experts is what your business needs to succeed online.

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