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5 easy ways to optimize your blog posts

Let's face it, blogging is hard for most people.  It's tedious, time consuming, and usually not rewarding.  Well the reason for this is lack of understanding on the importance of blogging and how it relates to search engine optimization (SEO).

There is much detail about SEO and Blogging on the internet.  So we've decided to create a free tutorial on:

5 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Blog Posts

We've been doing a lot of keeping up with Google and all the changes that have occurred over that past year.  What we've found is that there is a huge shift from optimizing just for certain keywords to using long tail keywords (3 or more words together).

Through all of this research and hands on experience we've come to understand that Blogging is the number one way to get ranked on Google for long tail keywords.  So it really is important that you create Blogs in a way that search engines like.  There are just a few key elements that should go into your Blog posts and we've created a tutorial on how to do this.

Once you go through the tutorial you'll be able to go back and see things we've done on this post to optimize for the keywords in the title.  For an extra challenge, after you go through the tutorial, come back to this post and see if you can identify the things we've done to optimize this blog post.  (Oh and by the way there are actually more than 5 ways but we've picked the 5 most effective ways just to get started)

So go ahead, it's free:


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Tony Sova

Written by Tony Sova

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