The need to social distance because of Covid-19 accelerated the growing trend of using digital platforms for marketing real estate properties. And now, even as people feel more comfortable with in-person showings, digital platforms are still increasingly being used because they are so efficient and effective at marketing all types of properties.

If you are a broker trying to lease or sell properties and you are unsure of how to make digital marketing work for you or if you want to learn how to stand out among your competitors, read on for digital marketing tips for brokers.

Dominate the Digital Space with These Digital Marketing Tips for Brokers

  1. Create the foundation of your online presence: a website

If your potential customers cannot find you online, you may as well not exist. Real estate brokers need a great real estate website built and optimized for customer experience and SEO. Your website is the foundation of your online presence. Every social media channel should link back to it and potential clients should be able to find it in search engines. The website should house your properties, link to your social media accounts, and share information about you and your team, the industry, and your mission. Make sure it is mobile friendly!

  1. Fill out your Google My Business Profile

All businesses should make use of Google My Business to build their online presence. This is especially true if you are a geographically based business. Companies who are selling properties in a certain city or region greatly benefit from an accurate and robust Google My Business profile. The great news is that it’s free; all it takes is some effort to set up and monitor.

  1. Ask for reviews

One of the best ways to establish trust and encourage a new client to work with you is to have several great reviews from real clients. As soon as your Google My Business profile is filled out, it’s time to ask your best clients for a review. Just be careful that you don’t have all your reviews come in on the same day; spread out a few a month is ideal.

  1. Prioritize pictures

Humans are visual. Great pictures have the power to sell a property and build your brand. Hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your properties, your office, and profile pictures for use on your website, Google My Business, and social media accounts.

  1. Use social media to reach your audience

Identify your target audience and identify the social media channels they are on. Create social media accounts and be sure to add the links on your website as well as your e-newsletters. Properties are tangible and that means the opportunity to share great pictures advertising properties on Instagram and Facebook. Use the boosting option to promote properties that aren’t getting the attention they need. Your LinkedIn account is the place to connect with other professionals; join industry groups and share industry news, trends and market research. Stay active on social media - posting 3-5 times a week - keep your profiles updated and be sure to like and respond to comments or questions.

  1. Use your blog

Once your website is up and running, it’s time to start writing blog posts. This is a way to share your expertise in the industry and as a local real estate broker. Think about questions that your potential clients may have and answer them in blog posts. Make sure they are at least 600 words long! Posting relevant and well-optimized blog posts on a regular basis drives traffic to your website by helping search engines identify your area of expertise. In addition, blog posts are a great thing to share on your social media channels and email marketing. If you get really comfortable with this medium, consider reaching out to be a guest expert writer for other online platforms.

  1. Use virtual tours

Many clients today expect to see a virtual tour of a property before an in-person showing. Create compelling virtual tours that are appealing, informative, and fun. There are a variety of options for creating a tour, including hiring a business to create the tour for your brokerage or purchasing a 360-degree camera to film the tour yourself.

Digital Marketing Services for Real Estate Brokers

Since 2012, Softwired has been helping clients navigate the ever-changing online landscape with modern web design, SEO, and other digital marketing services. Over the last few years, we have developed a niche for commercial real estate brokers after creating a proprietary system that allows us to integrate real estate search engines right into our clients’ websites. We are here to support our real estate broker clients’ digital marketing needs from branding exercise through web design, digital sales, and SEO. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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