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Web design has changed dramatically over the last few years.  At first glance it's not obvious why things are set up the way they are but after a quick explanation the reasons become clear.  Related to Inbound Marketing, the new web design matches each stage of the buyer journey, awareness, assessment, and decision.  This also fits with the sales funnel where awareness = top, assessment = middle, and decision = bottom.

How Web Design works with Inbound Marketing:

Website Pages

Home Page

Your home page should contain content that is targeted for all three stages of the buyer journey.  Near the top of the page would be geared for top of the funnel, middle should be geared for middle of the funnel, and toward the bottom for bottom of the funnel.  Properly placed calls to action (CTA's) will encourage engagement which means the user will click on something to nurture the visitor further down the funnel.

About Page

This is where the visitor is learning more about you and your business.  As part of awareness and assessment this is important to nurture toward the next stage.

Services Page

Now the user is in the assessment as your services are being evaluated and compared to other competitors in your market.  

Blog Page

Creating blog posts adds website pages and fresh content to the website.  This is especially helpful for organic (natural) SEO.

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Contact Page

Make it easy to contact you and get the conversion you are looking for.  This is the decision part of the journey and where you can get a solid lead.


These elements are just the basics for covering the nuts and bolts of a basic website.  Once the website is built each page should be optimized for certain keywords related to the particular services provided.  For example, if you are a plumber you should have a page describing each service.  There are probably 10 things we do to make sure that page is structured and optimized so search engines can understand and store the page for search engine results. (searches)

Once you have optimized the website its time to make it live.  We consider this just the beginning for getting customers from the internet.  




We create an offer or piece of content that has value to the potential user.  An ebook, whitepaper, checklist or anything else to create interest and drive traffic.


Calls to action are links to landing pages placed at critical parts of the page to convert the visitors.  

Landing Pages

Build specifically for conversions.  The landing page contains a form to gather information and in return delivers a piece of content the user wants.

Now that you have the basics you can start to learn more by downloading our eBook which explains in more detail all the elements of website design needed for the buyer journey.

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Tony Sova

Written by Tony Sova

Owner of Softwired, a web design, SEO, and Inbound Marketing firm.