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The local SEO business model means what does a business model look like for using local search engine optimization.  Over many years we've built and tested various models and have found many misconceptions about how this works.

Typically, over the years, the perception of SEO is it's a complicated sophisticated process that only experts know how to do.  That is how it started, but is no longer true.  

There are different types of SEO that I would characterize in the following areas:

  • Local SEO - Typically a brick and mortar store with lots of customers
  • Advanced SEO - Bigger companies that reach outside their geographical area

These two types are dramatically different when applying strategies for different businesses.

Local SEO

Small businesses who operate locally and get most of their customers from a small geographical area.  These businesses need to take care of these specific areas: 

  • Listings on directories to make sure your Name, Address, and Phone are sync'd online to directories like yp.com....etc.
  • Reviews from people in different places like Google
  • Social media management to handle engagement
  • Business website that is properly built and optimized
  • Google my Business
  • Ads

Advanced SEO

Larger businesses need to be more aware of how their brand looks outside their geographical area.  If your company is a manufacturer and ships products all over the US or world, more work is needed to manage.  This is where the technical SEO strategy comes into play.

  • Technical website optimization
  • Technical evaluation of backlinks
  • Keyword analysis
  • Domain analytics
  • Traffic analysis
  • Pay Per Click
  • ....etc.

These different strategies get misused all the time by SEO companies.  For example, you don't want to spend hours technically cleaning up a local business website when you have no local presence.    For smaller businesses, that's not going to have much of an effect compared to other strategies that do.

Or maybe your business doesn't have any reviews or bad reviews that are unmanaged.  Local businesses rely a lot on referrals and recommendations.  This is why reviews are so important.

Social media is key as well but it's different than big brands.  It's more personal because people may actually know each other in person compared to a big brand who doesn't have a personal connection.  The use and strategy for social media is completely different for these different types of businesses.

Keeping track of all these things for local business is difficult and time consuming.  That's why our platform will help your business succeed in today's technology.



Tony Sova

Written by Tony Sova

Owner of Softwired, a web design, SEO, and Inbound Marketing firm.