website designThere's so much out there in the world of website design and these standards are changing rapidly.  In the early days it took an expert programmer to create a website.  These days you can rapidly deploy sites in literally minutes without any programming knowledge.  This has diminished the value of the work to develop the software that is running your website.

This has been amplified with the huge surge of WordPress and all the free plugins that make a feature rich website.  More an more I'm finding over the years I don't really have to do much coding to get a site up and running with any feature I want.  I can simply cherry pick plugins that do most of the fuctionality I'm looking for.

There's also a misconception that we can modify any existing feature easily.  It seems that way because developers spend hundreds of hours developing something small in the hopes of selling the plugin to thousands of users.  So they charge very little and yet the cost to develop is significant. So it is a constant battle to educate clients on the effort to modify any existing software.

With all this in mind and the issues with maintaining WordPress we built a network to maintain websites from one central location.  This also allows us to rapidly deploy websites and spread out the development and design over time.  What's evolved is a subscription based service instead of spending a huge amount of money for a stand alone website.

Instead of paying thousands every few years you just pay monthly

The process goes as so:

  • When you sign up we'll create a single site connected to the network
  • You can select from a variety of plugins to enhance the website with most any feature you would like
  • Support is unlimited and you can get the help you need quickly
  • More features are added in an on-going basis

So far the response has been great and I have high hopes of this product being a good fit for small businesses who need a better way to manage their online markting.  I see the web design industry going the way of many other industries as subscription based as businesses want to control their costs.

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