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Google Hummingbird Update

Google has released an algorithm update called Google Hummingbird that will affect at least 90% of search terms worldwide.  They released this update in August 2013 but didn't announce the change until recently.

The update addresses search terms that are targeting conversational queries that are especially useful for mobile devices.  These search terms are things like "where is the nearest..." or "how do I..." and are especially useful for voice commands.  Google will take these search terms and will interpret them for the end user.  

There are generally three types of these commands.

  1. Informational - Terms like "what does SEO mean?" will return results that offer the definition of SEO rather than sites that have those keywords in relevant articles.
  2. Navigational - When users are looking for a particular website such as "what is the website for vine" will return the actual website rather than articles that talk about Vine.
  3. Transactional  Searchers are looking for a place such as "where is the nearest McDonalds" will return a store locater for McDonalds.

Although the shift is subtle the impact is huge.  It's important to understand the significance and adapt to the changes rather than panicking and changing existing content.

So how do we adapt to the changes?  The best way is to create content the answers the above questions about your business.  If you have articles that have deep relevant content that Google finds valuable then your web pages will show up for those terms.

If you are already a client of ours we are already in the process of answering these questions to handle the new results.  To learn more just contact us for more information or get a free consultation.

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