A business’ online presence has been important for at least the last decade but today, with more people stuck at home and nervous about shopping in stores due to the Coronavirus, the importance of digital sales cannot be overstated. Second to digital marketing and digital sales are the relationships that businesses build and manage. More and more businesses are investing in customer relationship management (CRM) applications and strategies in order to better their ability to interact with and adjust their responses to their customers. A CRM is a set of applications that a business uses to manage their customer data from across different communication channels such as live chats, emails and phone calls. Data collected may include personal information, purchase history and preferences, complaints or concerns, and keyword patterns. The CRM allows managers to review the data from interactions with their customers in real-time, which means businesses can react to it quickly to adjust their customer relationship methods as needed.

What’s the connection between CRM and digital marketing and digital sales?

Many digital sales are completed after someone has searched for a product, reviewed their options and then moved on to something else while they think about it. The reason they often come back to complete the purchase is because of digital marketing powered by a CRM. The CRM remembers that a user searched for the product and creates ads that pop up alongside the person’s social media use or emails to remind them about the product they were looking at. With so many people connected to the internet throughout the day, especially on their phones, the importance of digital marketing powered by a CRM will only grow. If businesses fail to invest now, they will be missing out on online sales opportunities.

Top benefits of a CRM


While businesses have to make an initial investment for a CRM application, they will save money and increase revenue in the long run to offset that cost. With the right CRM system, employees are freed up from entering customer data manually and there is reduced paperwork for sales and customer data. In addition, digital marketing efforts will be based on hard data, making them more effective. The more targeted efforts should lead directly to increased sales and business growth.

Allows more precise target marketing

With all the data about customers at their fingertips through the CRM, business owners can much more easily develop a targeted marketing approach to reach each customer where they are at in the buyer journey and in the way that they prefer to communicate – social media, email, phone call, etc. They are able to nurture the relationship through the sale and then reach out again to encourage repeat sales and to solidify brand loyalty. Customers will feel cared for as the business contacts them based on their preferences and current needs. This is the best way to ensure business success in the long run.

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