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There are many situations where we need to work in teams of two or more people. Over the years, most of us have probably experienced the pleasure and sense of satisfaction that comes with working on an effective team and the frustration and ill will that can come with working on a bad team. We believe that building trust, setting expectations and effective communication are the three most important factors of a successful team.

When we form an agency partnership, we know that effective team communication – both with our internal team and with our partners - is vital to the success of the project.

Why team communication is important in an agency partnership

Effective team communication plays an important role in all the most important aspects of team work:

Building trust

Without trust within the team, it is really hard to accomplish goals together. Part of building trust is communicating openly. If a team member becomes frustrated, confused or unable to meet expectations, they must commit to communicating with the other team members about it so a resolution can be made. In addition, team members should communicate any relevant information that arises, such as unexpected challenges.

Setting expectations

Setting expectations is important to the success of a project because the whole project can break down when the agency is expecting to deliver a list of services within a certain timeline but the client partner is expecting something different. The agency should communicate clearly a list of services to be completed alongside a timeline to get them done to both the internal team and the client.

High quality communication

In many situations, teams of three of more people have a much greater ability to accomplish great work than one person working on their own. This is only true when team members engage in high quality communication. When expectations, timelines and unexpected challenges are shared and roles are communicated clearly, teams can better stay on task and complete projects effectively.

Consequences of poor team communication

When teams do not communicate effectively, they waste time and create frustration for everyone. Often, they end up doing extra work because no one really know what they are in charge of and deadlines get missed because they weren’t communicated to all team members. Tensions can rise as trust is broken. The end result is often incomplete work or work that isn’t as high quality as it could have been if great communication had been made a priority.

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