Millions of websites are built on the WordPress platform all around the world. In fact, as of 2021, WordPress is powering 39% of the internet. When a website is brand new it should, in theory, have all updated plugins and security features installed. But what happens after the website is built and several months have passed? Website owners need a plan in place for who will update security plugins, prevent and handle website crashes and hackers, fix unresponsive websites, and ensure that they can edit the website as needed. All of these issues can be addressed through WordPress support.

What is WordPress technical support?

Different digital marketing agencies will provide a range of WordPress support packages. Generally, you will want to look for a technical support package that includes:

  1. WordPress updates – One of the great things about WordPress software is that it is continually made better with updates. On the other hand, this means that your website needs to be upgraded with new software versions that offer these new features and security on a regular basis.
  2. Plugin maintenance – Plugins provide the functionality you need for the user experience you want to offer. These plugins need to be updated and upgraded on a regular basis in order to ensure that they keep working.
  3. Theme maintenance – Your WordPress website is designed with a theme and over time new versions are released to fix problems, which means that your theme may need upgrades at a certain point.
  4. Software bug fixes – As software is updated, it’s common for newer versions to have conflicts that need resolving by a programmer.
  5. Hacker protection – a WordPress support specialist knows best practices for keeping your website safe and secure from hackers. Ongoing support is the best prevention.
  6. Backup and restoration – Emergencies happen, sometimes because of malicious intent and sometimes because of a site administrator who makes a mistake. You will want someone available to backup and restore your website if this ever happens.
  7. WordPress training – Are you ready to start using your blog feature? Or need to know how to enter events in your calendar? Look for WordPress support that provides training for you and your staff.
  8. Miscellaneous support – Have a question about how to update something on your website or need to add a new user? Find a plan with support representatives who will answer your questions and help you with administrative tasks.

Why do I need WordPress technical support?

Most small to mid-sized businesses choose customized open source WordPress themes for their site. Apart from adding a business logo and original photos, one of the main ways to customize a WordPress site is by adding functionality such as online reservations systems. In the old days, programmers would code these functions by hand but today it is much more common for developers to buy robust plugins that provide the dynamic qualities required. Once the website is fully constructed, maintaining WordPress plugins should be done constantly (by an expert).

Most small business owners don't handle maintenance which causes the website to decay to the point that it is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Diagnosing and troubleshooting these problems after the fact is extremely difficult and disruptive – sites can be down for days while repairs are made. The purpose of ongoing WordPress technical support is to proactively handle plugin updates and monitor site activity to dramatically reduce the risk of being hacked. In the unlikely event that your site is hacked, a WordPress support package should provide services to get your site back up and running in no time for no extra fee.

If a business owner chooses not to pay for ongoing WordPress support, it is imperative that they have someone to maintain the website and a plan for troubleshooting issues that will inevitably arise in the future.

How to Get WordPress support

Softwired provides digital solutions for our partner agencies and that includes ongoing WordPress technical support. Here at our agency we take ongoing WordPress support seriously; we offer monthly support plans instead of hourly support to proactively prevent the decay of your website. In addition to WordPress support, we’ve got you covered for web design, SEO, local online presence and optimization, digital marketing, digital sales, and digital advertising. Whether you’re interested in a silent partnership or a referral program, web design only or more; contact us today to get started!

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