Engineering WordPress systems for web design is a highly complex process requiring expertise on many levels. It's a common misunderstanding the WordPress isn't a great platform because of the poor quality displayed on some WordPress websites. Nothing could be further from the truth and I'm here to debunk this belief.

Web design WordPress engineering process

WordPress is an open source software available for use by anyone; developers are welcome to study, modify and redistribute its source code because it is not encrypted. I won't go into great detail about how the license is controlled, but suffice it to say there are many advantages. By sharing development, the community can build robust applications at a fraction of the cost.

The systems are comprised of these main elements:

  • A theme that controls the design. In WordPress, a theme is an assortment of templates and stylesheets that define the look and display of a site powered by WordPress.
  • Plugins that add features to the website. A plugin is a piece of software with a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website.

Engineering WordPress themes requires experience and expertise in not only PHP and CSS but architecting systems within the WordPress ecosystem.

Web design WordPress costs

PRO Theme and license costs:

Open source systems using WordPress are typically comprised of a PRO theme or custom theme framework. PRO themes are purchased to give the advantage of theme options that eliminate the need for custom coding the entire framework. Either approach is valid, however, we prefer using the PRO theme method as it can be more cost effective.

The PRO theme requires a license to purchase and subscriptions for continued support. Costs are typically between $50 to $75 to purchase and a six-month subscription can be purchased at any time for theme support from the developers.

Plugin Development and license costs:

Probably the best advantage of using WordPress and Open Source is the use of plugins. These are software additions to the core functionality of WordPress that add features to the website. Some plugins may be minor but many robust plugins may be used to architect the website for required features. The advantage of cost savings is enormous and widely used.

Many of these plugins are free but some of the best require a purchase of the software. Once purchased, a time limit of support (typically a year) is included. After that, additional yearly support costs can be necessary when updates are released to keep compatibility with WordPress core.

Website builds will require the use of plugins that need to be determined during the process. There is usually more than one candidate and they need to be evaluated during construction for fit and compatibility. They need to satisfy requirements while keeping in alignment with WordPress and other plugins. Some of the criteria used to determine which plugin is the best choice are:

  • How long the plugin has been developed
  • How many downloads have been shown
  • Reviews for support issues
  • Roadmap for future development

The cost for licenses is extremely small compared to the cost to develop a feature provided. Usually, the cost is $100 or less and covers the first year of support. Although we do our best to anticipate which plugins may be used, many times we don’t have our final list until well into development.

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