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seo-no-customersI've noticed a number of trends recently.  Most recent business owners are confused by the fact they are getting good search engine results for their services but they aren't getting any new customers.  After reviewing their website and internet marketing, the answer became clear, their internet marketing sales funnel is built wrong (or doesn't exist).

The majority of businesses are still doing things the old way.  They are focused on the numbers and not understanding the most important thing which is attracting the RIGHT customers.  I see this every week with past clients and new inquiries who question why they aren't showing up on Google for certain keywords.I've also been approached by a number of businesses that are getting good rankings for keywords but not getting any customers.  

Why Aren't There Conversions?

The answer is they aren't getting conversions because they aren't focused on attracting the right customers and the traffic they are getting isn't related to their buyer personas.  

Most companies are still thinking this way and being convinced by SEO companies this is the way to get customers.  In the years to come we will being seeing a shift in thinking and a surge of business owners having the realization that this just isn't working for them.

Stop Worrying About Rankings for General Keywords

There are many reasons why you wouldn't really focus on general search terms like "Plumber (my town)".  If you look at the results they usually aren't showing the results searchers are using.  They are using more specific terms like "how to fix your bathroom sink". 

So how DO you get customers from the internet?  The answer lies in the Inbound Marketing methodology.

  • We create buyer personas that are crafted as our best customer personalities to attract to the website.  
  • We create blog topics which answer their questions and give relief to their pain points.  
  • Once they are engaged we convert by giving something of value to make a connection and become a lead.  
  • Once they are a lead we nurture carefully to close as a customer.

This isn't anything new.  It's how consumers consume and it's just evolving for the internet.  The people who are your customers are out there looking for you right now.  You just need to have the right online marketing tools in place to optimize their experience and attract not the most, but rather the best match for your business.

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