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Every business needs a digital marketing strategy. The overall goal of any marketing strategy is to convert as large a share as possible of your target audience into paying customers. In order to accomplish this goal, we must do everything we can to understand our target audience. Today, the most powerful and popular way to connect with our target audience is by creating buyer personas.


Buyer Personas are used to help businesses understand who their customers are and how to market to them. These are detailed fictional characters based on potential customers who share common problems, needs, and wants. When building personas, it’s important to think about customer demographics and behavior patterns as well as what motivates them. By developing these personas, we can drive targeted prospects to the website by optimizing content for them.

How are buyer personas related to digital marketing?

Creating buyer personas is an essential tool for any effective digital marketing strategy because it allows businesses to build content and marketing messages around the needs of their customers. The marketing strategy will be focused where it needs to be: on your customer. Personas help your company pinpoint what your customers are thinking about; their causes and passions, concerns, hopes, problems and expectations. Buyer personas help you connect with your target audience and brand yourself in a way that appeals to them by giving them what they want.

A buyer persona is what allows a business to target their ads, web content and overall messaging to address specific needs, behaviors and questions. If ads are being created without a well-thought-out buyer persona, the marketing team may as well be shooting in the dark for the amount of good they will do. When you fail to connect with your target audience, you end up wasting a lot of time and money.

For most products and services, consumers have A LOT of options. What will make them choose your offerings over your competitors? Generally speaking, people are drawn to businesses that they know and trust and ones that speak to their values while meeting their needs. The best way to build this trust and prove that you are ready and able to meet their needs is to show sincere understanding and concern for your target audience.

How to create your buyer personas

Understand that any given business may have multiple buyer personas but it’s best to focus your energy on the one or two that spends the most. The best way to develop your buyer personas is to start with market research and any real-time data you have from customer behavior on your website. We have created a template for you to use based on research and surveys of current and past customers. Use this template and fill it out one or more personas; the more specific ways you answer questions, the more effective they will be. We’ll paint a picture of who your ideal customer is and how your solution fits into their daily lives.

Buyer Personas should include:

  • General Information (name, job, title)
  • Background
  • Demographics
  • Common characteristics
  • Goals
  • Challenges

Some other things that help develop buyer personas are:

  • Quotes this persona would say
  • Common objections
  • Pain points*
  • Elevator pitch

A pain point is a specific problem that your potential customers are experiencing. Once we know your buyer persona pain points, we can start developing solutions to their problems through marketing messages to the persona. In practical terms, this means creating offers to alleviate the pain by giving them solutions.

To develop your buyer personas, use our buyer persona template to start targeting your customers today!Download Free Guide  To Develop Your Own  Buyer Persona

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