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So you've found that by blogging about your business is good for SEO and Internet Marketing, great! This is the first step to getting your inbound marketing campaigns started.  However, there are some thing you should know and some methods to employ to optimize your posts for effectiveness and get the most reach.

  1. The first step is to write blog posts about one topic only.  Pick a keyword like bodybuilding and just write about it based on your knowledge.  If you like, it's usually helpful to do a little research first. Read some other blogs, and curate some of the best points.  Make sure you don't copy anything directly from another website or you risk a Google penalty for duplicate content.
  2. When you're ready just write it out on a Word or Google doc.  Don't worry about punctuation and spelling too much.  I always go back and fix those things later.  Try for 600 words or so but at least 500 so that the content is not too thin.  Google likes to offer quality content and won't even show small posts less than 300 words.
  3. The first post is the hardest but it gets easier over time.  As you build your online credibility you'll develop yourself as a thought leader and get followers on social media.  If you get stuck on ideas, think about questions that you've been answering all week for your customers.  Basically you are answering questions your potential customers are searching for online.
  4. Once you finish a post rough draft then take it and copy edit for typography for easy readability.  Web copy is much different than printed copy and needs to be formatted properly.  Use bullets and ordered lists to organze your content.  Then optimize the post for search engines and schedule the time for publishing.
  5. Once the post is published share the link over social media channels.  Make sure you aren't just sharing your own content though.  Social media follows the cocktail party rule.



Writing posts for your blog is great for internet marketing but it takes a little time to understand how to do it best.  If you learn how to pick the right topics and optimize for that particular keyword you'll have a much better results attracting the right kind of traffic to your website.

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