Digital marketing for small businesses is a hot topic in 2021 because creating a strong online presence that builds brand identity and sustains and grows sales is more important than ever. With many people avoiding public shopping because of Covid-19, our shopping and research habits are leaning even more into online options. So, what digital marketing work should small businesses be investing in to grow this year?

Digital marketing for small businesses in 2021

Building brand identity

If you haven’t taken the time to dig into your brand identity and visual brand language (VBL) to create a uniform experience in every place your customers are interacting with your business and products; now is the time! Think about how you want your target audience to feel when they interact with you. Define your brand’s image, vision, mission and value statement. Your brand’s concepts should be clearly communicated in your:

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Packaging


Unless you have built a new website in the last two to three years with the help of a digital marketing agency, it’s time for a refresh. In order to compete, you will need a modern, responsive website that is visually appealing, on brand and enhances the buyer journey. You also want to make sure your website is secure and loads quickly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As part of building a new website for your business, an SEO expert should be factoring in SEO strategies that will help your website rank well in search engine results. Informative content, relevant keywords and quality backlinks are all important factors. This work is done to make sure that your website shows up when your potential customers search for your products or services.

Social media marketing

Even if you don’t have a single social media account yourself, it’s highly likely that your customers do and you are missing out on a significant opportunity to reach them when you ignore social media. Many businesses hire social media experts to identify the platforms, posts and ads that will help them brand and grow their business. Popular social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram but which ones are right for your business will depend on your target audience(s).

Video marketing

People are consuming information through videos more than ever. According to Animoto, video ads were the number one way consumers discovered a brand that they later purchased from. Videos are also multi-purpose; quality videos can be shared on your website as well as your social media platforms and they serve as a way to build your brand and share detailed information about your products.


Blogging is a type of content marketing where relevant content is created, published, and distributed for a targeted audience online. A great blog post shows up in search results and improves customer engagement, builds brand loyalty and brand awareness.

Email marketing

You may be surprised to learn that email marketing is still effective in 2021. When it is done correctly – by sending the right content to the right people and at the right time – it can be a huge sales driver. Effective email marketing means taking the time to segment your customers so you are communicating relevant information; the more personalized the email the better chance of building a meaningful relationship with them.

Look for a Digital Marketing Agency

Softwired provides digital marketing solutions for our clients and partner agencies. We’ve got you covered for web design, blogs, landing pages, SEO, local online presence and optimization, digital marketing, and social media marketing. We build websites with WordPress themes and have also been using the HubSpot platform to build blogs and landing pages since 2012.

Over the years, we’ve worked with lots of clients who need help with web engineering and digital marketing tasks but don’t have in-house staff. Finding freelancers can be a nightmare and cause a lot of problems when promising delivery of service. Whether you’re interested in web design only or more; we’re ready to help you get started!

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