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Picking Popular Keywords Doesn't Work for SEOSearch engine optimization or SEO is sometimes looked upon with suspicion.  Is there really a way to make your website stand out in a sea of other websites with the same information?  People seem to think that there must be some “cheating” involved!  At times, this fear has proven to be justified because people have overused keywords in an attempt to improve their ratings.  Still, it’s possible to understand how web search engines work and get your website the ratings it deserves without compromising content.

Searching Google Trends will tell you which keywords are searched for the most on Google.  However, you can’t just pick these keywords and start including them in your website and be found for three reasons.

  1. Too many people are using them.  Given that it's easy enough to figure out which keywords are the most popular, many websites are already taking advantage of this fact.  Most likely, they've already beaten you to the punch.  So by the time you get around to writing about "Twilight" or "Harry Potter," there's so much information about these popular keywords on the net already that your article or blog is likely to get lost among all the other ones out there.
  2. They may not be relevant.  Maybe Kim Kardashian has been searched for a lot in the past few months, but if your business has nothing to do with Kim Kardashian, then there’s not much point using that keyword on your website.  Even though this is a technique that many have tried, it’s not something that works in the long run.  People don’t want to be cheated.  So if they click on something that looks like it has to do with Kim Kardashian and they’re suddenly taken to a page where they’re being sold notebooks, they’re never going to click on that link again.
  3. You might lose out to more established websites.  Keep in mind that there are certain websites that are already doing well.  It’s possible that Kim Kardashian is trending, and if you run a business that has to do with fashion or beauty, you might be able to legitimately use her as an example of how to wear a certain outfit or how to get your hair done.  However, when people search for Kim Kardashian, they’ll probably see other, well known websites such as Huffington Post or TMZ before they see yours.  So they're much more likely to click on those websites first.

Keywords do have some value when it comes to SEO, but overall, it’s very important to provide quality content or write about something unusual if you want to improve your SEO strategy.  Combining popular keywords with not-so-popular ones may also help your content to stand out.  Contact us for more information on the best ways of using SEO strategies to improve your web traffic.


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Tony Sova

Written by Tony Sova

Owner of Softwired, a web design, SEO, and Inbound Marketing firm.