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The skyscraper technique for SEO has to do with how you get other websites to link to your blog or create "backlinks".  This is a fairly new type of link building and is becoming more frequent.  The idea is fairly simple once you understand it.

It usually starts with an email from some anonymous person and goes something like this: "Hey I recently read a post your wrote about (something).  I really found it fascinating and it is similar to an article I wrote about the same subject.  Would you be willing to reference my article and I would do (something in return)?"

The idea behind it is people only look up at the tallest buildings around.  So if you write something much more in depth you can find other smaller posts and get them to link to you.  Their article is much higher in these terms and constitutes the highest building around.

Skyscraper Link Building Strategy

  1. Find something worth writing about that people will want to read
  2. Look at other posts that appear high on search engines
  3. Create something better
  4. Contact the other post owners and get them to link to you

Some of the problems with this approach is that it may not be as beneficial as some say.  You may indeed get other sites to link to you but there are a lot of other factors to consider for search engine rankings.  The domain authority of others sites may be much better than yours and in this case you probably won't out rank them.  Here's a good article which explains and debunks the skyscraper technique.

Another problem I've seen is if someone offers to link back to your article in exchange for linking to theirs.  Techically this a link exchange which is against Google's terms of service.  You may not get caught until Google sees too many links that are symbiotic or unnatural.  That could trigger a penalty.

It seems that every year there are new techniques and strategies aimed and influencing search engines in your favor.  This will never stop because there's so much money behind it until SEO doesn't become as big of a factor as it used to be (which is already happening).  

The takeaway on this idea is that you should promote your content.  Simply having good content is not enough anymore.  Broadcasting and sharing content should be part of any internet marketing strategy.

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Written by Tony Sova

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