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Online shoppers are becoming more and more sophisticated and demanding. This means that businesses are having to strategize ways to build trust in order to get site visitors into the buying process. There are a few key things that owners need to do to answer the question, how do I make my website ecommerce successful? As a digital marketing agency that provides web design services, we know how important a well-designed website is to ecommerce success.

5 ways to use web design for ecommerce success

  1. Aesthetics – We talk to all of our clients about aesthetics as we design their website because it is so critical. A website must look nice and be aesthetically pleasing to draw potential customers into the engagement process once they reach it. A key part of aesthetics is that the site must be user friendly and make contact or purchase information easily visible.
  1. Compelling Content - The next step to a great ecommerce site is that it must create a moment of "shock and awe" or give some feeling of interest such as a new insight or idea. Creating the feeling of a new idea generates the enthusiasm people need to move forward to the next step of the buying process and ultimately to make a purchase. Read about Content Marketing Tools.
  1. First call to action - I say first because there are different levels of trust during the engagement process. The first call to action should be used to continue building trust and the website needs an offer to engage visitors further. These calls to action should not be "Buy Now" or "Contact Us" but rather offers like "Click Here for a Free Guide to Consumer Reports on...".  
  1. Build Trust - Show website security certificates, provide secure payment methods such as PayPal, and assure users with customer service messages, feature locally sourced products or Made in the USA images, and state any guarantees that you offer.
  1. Convert Quickly - The most critical part of the buying process and where the majority of online stores fail to perform is the conversion process. Make it easy to add a product to the cart and make the cart obvious and easy to checkout with. Basically, ensure that the purchase process is as smooth and effortless as possible. Ask only necessary information for shipping and avoid unnecessary steps.

TIP: After purchase don't just display a thank you page. Present more calls to action and show the user what to do next.

There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes when you are visiting ecommerce websites that any user probably won't even know about. A well-built site will be much more effective than a poorly designed site that is not optimized. It is critical to the success of an ecommerce site that these things are done correctly or your site will fail to produce orders from new visitors.

Look for a web design agency to help build a successful ecommerce site

Softwired provides digital solutions for our clients and partner agencies. We’ve got you covered for web design, blogs, landing pages, SEO, local online presence and optimization, digital marketing, digital sales, and digital advertising. We build websites with WordPress themes and have also been using the HubSpot platform to build blogs and landing pages since 2012. Over the years, we’ve worked with lots of clients who need help establishing their ecommerce business but don’t have the skills to do it. Finding freelancers can be a nightmare and cause a lot of problems when promising delivery of service. Whether you’re interested in web design only or more; we’re ready to help you get started!

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