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Launch Pad WebsiteThese days web design is expanding at an exponential rate.  With that comes new ways of working with designing websites.  We've been using a new concept called Growth Driven Design.  This process is much different than traditional web design as we don't actually finish designing the website when we launch.  This process has caused a lot of fear and frustration when it comes to a business owner understanding the purpose and meaning of doing things this way.

You can read a little more about traditional vs growth driven design for websites here.

For the last year we've been measuring the time it takes to build a launch pad website and then the time added as we refine the design in a live environment.  We are finding that less than 50% of the design is complete for the launch pad website in the first year.  That means if the total time to develop a website is 100 hours we'll spend less than 50 and launch.  Then, we'll spend time each month throughout the year to refine and improve the website.

Here's another way to think about it.  Web design isn't a linear process, it's creative and involves iterations or reviews.  The bigger the project the higher the number of reviews.  We also use a 3 bears approach to design because one size does not fit all.  

For us, we usually start with WordPress.  Considering it is the most popular content management system on the planet we can take advantage of all the plugins and extra features available.  We start with a theme design and customize the look and feel of your brand.  From there we develop content and any special features to get it launched quickly.  From there we make updates every month.

Here's an example of a general scope for 3 different levels using the three bears approach:



Limited themes

Home banner image with static message

3 home page sections for each stage of the buyer journey

3 page layouts

Stock images

Basic Plugins  (Contact form, portfolio, ...etc.)

One design refinement - 2 Reviews

Total (40 hour limit)



Analyze visitor behavior

Add and adjust design elements

Review SEO

Monthly Report

Monthly (Avg 3 hours)



Unlimited themes

Home banner slideshow or animation

5 home sections for each stage of the buyer journey

5 page layouts

Integration with custom graphics

Robust plugins (Memberships, ecommerce, ..etc.)

Extra design refinement - 3 Reviews

Total (80 hour limit)



Analyze visitor behavior

Add and adjust design elements

Add landing pages and calls to action

Review SEO

Monthly meeting

Monthly report

Monthly (Avg 6 hours)



Custom theme from graphic designer mockup (not included)

Dynamic home banner slideshow, animation, or video

7 home page sections for multiple stages of the buyer journey

10 Advanced page layouts

Extra design refinement - 4 Reviews

Branding exercises and refinement

Branded images and graphics integration

Total (160 hour limit)



Analyze visitor behavior

Add and adjust design elements

A/B testing

Review SEO

Monthly meeting

Monthly report

Monthly (Avg 12 hours)


This is just an outline and NOT a complete step by step process.  A website construction takes hundreds of steps that have to be closely managed to keep the projects within scope.  For more details you would need to contact us for a complete proposal.  To start the conversation we would need to get some basic info about your website and business.

The website is just the vehicle that drives your online marketing.  In order to make sure you are being efficient and effective you need high performance.  Otherwise you can waste lots of time and money in your investment.

Your website is your most valuable asset for online marketing.  Let's make sure it's working for you.

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Tony Sova

Written by Tony Sova

Owner of Softwired, a web design, SEO, and Inbound Marketing firm.