SEO Internet MarketingSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very important part of your internet marketing strategy.  There has always been a lot of confusing around this topic and once you understand the basics you can see how these things fit together.

The purpose of optimizing your website for search engines is so that your content can be indexed (interpreted) in the best possible way.  This involves figuring out the best keywords that people are using to search for a particular topic.

Here's an example:

Web Design

I run an internet marketing agency and I'm looking to attract the best potential clients to my website.  To do this, I need to have a website the is high quality and designed appropriately for my industry.  The look and feel of my website should match or give a "feeling" of the type of business I have.  If I have a corporate type business there is a certain look and feel compared to a photographer or web designer.  This is how web design is used to match the brand of your business.  Web design is constantly changing so every few years these designs change due to rapid advancement in web technology.

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Website SEO

Once the website is designed (or redesigned) we need to look at specific keywords for your particular industry.  This is actually easier than it sounds due to the proliferation of tools available these days.  We do keyword analysis to determine the core keywords that are relevant to your business.  Once we have those crafted we need to optimize some of the website pages for those.

We also need to track and see where visitors are coming and going via clicks.  We use Google Analyics to gather this data for use when we are running our marketing campaigns.  We also set up Google's Search Console which gives us tools to optimize and monitor the website's SEO "health".

Now, why do we do all this?  Well, it's really to make it as easy as possible for search engines to make sure your website shows up for the proper search results your potential customers are looking for.

The Buyer Journey

The process of getting new customers from the internet involves a process known as the Buyer Journey.  This is also referred to as you online sales funnel.  These are steps people take when looking for a product or service.  They are:

Awareness - A visitor just landed on your website via some source.

Consideration - A user is digging deeper and comparing services or products to other companies.

Decision - The first point of contact via a download form or direct contact.

So the question remains, where does SEO most fit into this process?  The answer is......during the Awareness stage or top of the funnel.  However! It is important for all stages although less important.  Once a visitor comes to your website other things are more important such as lead conversions and paths.

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